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From Alfredas Chmieliauskas <>
Subject SQL question: suggestions welcome...
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2000 16:29:05 GMT


I have two SQL queries in one page, one of which has to return the general
info about the page (last edited, absolute location, author, etc)  the other
query has to form a links menu in a page according to the result of the
previous (eg. that every "author" could see his "own" menu).
<query connection="mysql_connection" doc-element="page_info"
	select title, context, page_author, date_edited, page_background
from page_info
<query connection="mysql_connection" doc-element="page_menu"
	select item_name, item_link, item_author, item_image from page_menu
where item_author=.......(how to pass the value page_author from the
previous query, if it is possible???).....


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