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From Stephen Zisk <>
Subject RE: [Cocoon Users] Re: Xalan and Cocoon gives different result fo r some XSL
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2000 19:53:08 GMT

>Isn't that what Open Source means ?
>Pierre A.

I'm not sure whether to take this as a tease or not. Ah, well! My friends 
say I'm too serious anyway.

The fact that Cocoon itself is open source does not mean you want to 
display the source XML file to all end users who request it. Cocoon should 
be able to manage things on sites where security and privacy have value.

Specifically, if you are trying to implement any kind of user or role 
separation, managing private user data, etc, by storing info in an XML file 
being served by Cocoon, or if you implement security using xsp code, you 
may want the transformed file to be served to the end user but not the 
source XML.

Of course, masking the XML source cannot make up for lazy design or poorly 
implemented security, but exposing the source may be a potential unlocked 
door for knob twisters.

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