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From "Weakliem, Gordon" <>
Subject RE: xsp in xml and xsl at same time doesn't work?
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2000 16:23:28 GMT
I also ran into this yesterday, you can actually break the infinite loop by
touching test5.cxml.  XSP compiles the dynamically generated XSP using the
same java source file name as for the original xsp, but it won't generate &
compile your dynamically generated XSP, apparently because test5.cxml is
older than the generated java code - so obviously, when touched, this fixes
the deadlock.  It appears from the clean-page sample that this would be
possible, but it's invoking processors like this: 

xslt -> xsp -> html

wheras this technique invokes these processors:

xsp -> xslt -> xsp -> html

That second xsp is the catch.
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From: Christofer Dutz []
Sent: Wednesday, September 06, 2000 3:35 AM
Subject: Re: xsp in xml and xsl at same time doesn't work?

> Hi,
> I've been doing some experimenting today to try and determine the
> source of a problem i'm having.
> If i have an xsp page which is processed by an xsl file, it all
> works. If i have an xml file which is processed by an xsp'ed xsl
> thing, it still works. If i mix both together then i just get a
> timeout when i try to load the page (and i'd guess the something is
> infinite looping in the jvm judging by the server load).

Hmmm, sounds like the problem I had a few days ago. Do I understand right.
You have a XML-File with XSP-Logic and a XSL wich creates a XSP-document,
which schould again be processed by the XSP-engine ?

Well this isn't possible with Cocooon ( don't start crying now as I did last
week :-) )
Sometimes you can build up a workaround by delaying the XSP-Code execution.
If you build your XML-File as a normal XML-File ( no XSP
and no xsp:page-element)
and simply include the XSP-namespace to it, you can write your usual
XSP-code into
the page. In your XSL-file you can now fodify it to create a valid
XSP-document and
simply copy in the content of your XML-file. By doing this your code is
executed with
the one of the XSL-file. This worked fine for me but only works if the
processing in the
"second" XSP doesn't depend on the content of the first. ( I simply used
this to add login and
permission-information to every page used )

Have phun,
    Christofer Dutz

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