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From Peter Verhage <>
Subject Taglib example
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 14:54:19 GMT
I've attached an example of making your own tag library.
You have to include the .jar file in your servlet server just like you
did with cocoon.jar etc. then you have to edit and add
the line: = resoure://test.xsl

I've tested this example with Cocoon 1.8... It's based on an example in
the book "Java and XML" (O'Reilly).

If you want to create such a jar file yourself you have to use the
following command:
jar cvf [target-filename].jar [source-file].xsl

In this example that would be: jar cvf test.jar test.xsl

Good luck!


Peter Verhage       <> BV - information technology -  0118 41 50 54
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