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From Peter Verhage <>
Subject Tomcat / mod_jk
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 09:07:30 GMT
I know this is probably the wrong mailinglist to ask this question, but
because I'm not the only one who uses Tomcat with Cocoon, and also not
the last one. It may be usefull if this question gets answered on this
mailinglist (think mailinglist archives :p).

I've read on the Tomcat website that nowadays there is a new module
called mod_jk which can be used to install Tomcat "inside" Apache (in
the old days you had to use a modified mod_jserv). There is also an
example how to compile this new module. But this example includes some
files in the directory "jk". Which does not exist in my Apache (1.3.12)
source dir and also doesn't in my Tomcat source dir. I think this module
is really really new, and that's why Apache 1.3.12 does not include the
source for it yet. (Probably with Apache 1.3.13 or something...).

So where do I get these sources? :) And/or where can I download a
development version of Apache 1.3.13 (with the source code of this
module), because I've seen some * servers running Apache

With best regards,


Peter Verhage       <> BV - information technology -  0118 41 50 54

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