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From Peter Verhage <>
Subject Re: Testers wanted for Cocoon 1.8-dev
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2000 15:38:00 GMT
Greg Martin wrote:
> I hope you'll forgive this personal intrusion but I'm interested in the
> fact that your using the linux-jdk on your FreeBSD machine. What did you
> have to do to be able to do that? Any problems? Have you tried the
> linux-j2ee?

First of all the reason why I did this is because if I want to compile
the documentation for Cocoon you have to have jdk 1.2+. FreeBSD has a
special packages system (the ports collection:
which makes it very easy to install software. I discovered not only a
FreeBSD JDK (1.1.8.... too old) but also linux-jdk1.2.2
(/usr/ports/java/linux-jdk1.2.2) so I installed that last one. I have
compiled Linux binary support in my kernel, but I don't even think
that's necessary...

No problems at all... I did not try the linux-j2ee.

With best regards,


Peter Verhage       <> BV - information technology -  0118 41 50 54

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