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From Miloslaw Smyk <>
Subject Design of web apps based on Cocoon
Date Sun, 10 Sep 2000 00:38:38 GMT

In a few weeks I'll start a project to create a middle-sized website with a
team of two programmers. Because the website has to be accessible in
WAP/text/whatever formats and its business logic seems to be not really
_that_ complicated, I planned to give Cocoon a try.

I played with examples and tried recreating some of the things I've been
doing with PHP3. So far so good, although obviously the approach differs a
lot. I used a following path:

database --> ESQL --> XSP --> XSL --> result

My assumption was that I'd put any business logic I'd need into XSP (and
perhaps into clever SQL queries) and perform output formatting with XSL. It
worked for me, but then, I didn't try anything really complicated.

However, some of the recent emails here suggested that EJBs should be used
at the beginning of the above path, encapsulating SQL-queries and BL, while
XSP would be only used to select what actually gets passed to formatters.
Another suggestion was to avoid creating producers by hand.

My question is: could someone shed some light into overall design of
Cocoon-based apps? I mean, what's the preferred path to use, starting from
records in the database up to formatting stage, assuming that there is some
BL and some formatting?

Thank you in advance,
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