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From Markus Spiekermann <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 1.8 dev XSP Problem with FP-Taglib still unsolved -archive of old dev-snapshots available?
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2000 15:38:49 GMT
Thank you very much guys!

It works again.The file was the key. I used my "old" file
instead of looking into /src/org/apache/cocoon
(-> just a small hint for all other little idiots like me)


Robin Green wrote:

> Markus Spiekermann <> wrote:
> >thanks for responding. So it must be a problem just on my machine. The
> >sample you
> >deliverd does not work (any more). It worked before I went on holliday (not
> >really
> >the reason for malfuntioning) amd of course before I upgrade to a new
> >dev-snapshot.
> >My new Java book defines a NullPoínterException like this: You use an
> >object
> >variable containing null, when it should refer to an object for proper
> >operation -
> >for example, calling a method or accessing a data member.
> I know - it's not very helpful. There is a long-standing bug in XSPProcessor
> to do with logicsheet error reporting which I intend to fix soon. When a
> logicsheet is not found or broken, it should report a meaningful error, but
> the error reporting is itself broken!
> changed recently because some files were moved. That's
> probably why. You need to update with the one supplied in
> the latest distro and restart your servlet runner.
> If that doesn't work try changing the logging level in to
> debug level, restart the servlet runner again, and look in the servlet
> runner's log file for error messages - that's how I managed to solve my
> logicsheet problems.

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