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From Michael Nachbaur <>
Subject RE: [Cocoon Users] Re: Integrated environments
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2000 15:40:50 GMT
Well, the IDE I use for editing XML/XSL is 'XMLSpy' ( I believe).  Very good
tool IMHO.  If you want to bow down to MS and use a crappy product at the same time, you can
use XMLNotepad which is just as bad as notepad, but specifically for XML documents.  (I have
no opinions, do I? ;)

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From: Michael Engelhart []
Sent: Friday, September 22, 2000 8:10 AM
Subject: [Cocoon Users] Re: Integrated environments

> Hi cocoon users,
> I have recently rejoined this list and I have a question concerning what 
> environments people are using to develop Web sites.  MS InterDev is very big 
> here and I was wondering if there is an analog out there fro Cocoon.
> Learning Interdev was a big stretch for me and it seems that MS has once 
> again taken open standards and bent them to their own needs IMHO.
> I must admit the Interdev/FrontPage environment does provide for decent Web 
> Development in a large corporation.  I need something like this or the
> powers that be will never allow me to use Cocoon  in my work.  I would
> appreciate any and all thoughts on this.  Thanks in advance.

Wow, the powers that be won't let you develop using the most popular IDE  
ever made - the text editor? Boy, I'm glad I started my own business :-)

Seriously, any Java IDE will do for the java aspect of Cocoon and any  
XML/text editor will do for the XML/XSL aspect of it.  I suspect that  
InterDev lets you do Java development and also edit abitrary text files as  
well so I would say stick with that if you like it and  know how to use it.  
 I personally just switched from using CodeWarrior and started using the  
new ProjectBuilder on Mac OS X.


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