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From Jason T <>
Subject Re: [Cocoon Users] Re: Xalan and Cocoon gives different result fo r some XSL
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2000 21:26:13 GMT
On Fri, Sep 22, 2000 at 03:53:08PM -0400, Stephen Zisk wrote:
> Of course, masking the XML source cannot make up for lazy design or poorly 
> implemented security, but exposing the source may be a potential unlocked 
> door for knob twisters.

This is all very true... a careful reading of news reports about hacks
(even in contests) reveals that unprotected or insecurely designed web
applications may be responsible for more site cracks than you'd
normally think.

That being said, you could implement the source viewing extension with
zero programming by using the sample view-source application and one
apache rewrite rule to do the following transformation on the uri: 

/foo/bar.xmls -> /view-source?filename=/docroot/foo/bar.xml

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