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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: Project using Cocoon 2.x
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2000 12:01:28 GMT

--- Peter Verhage <> wrote:
> As I said before. I'm currently developing a webapplication that
> probably will use Cocoon. But I've read (O'Reilly: Brett McLaughlin -
> Java and XML and ofcourse the Cocoon website) what Cocoon 2 will
> bring
> us, and I'd rather want to use Cocoon 2 instead of Cocoon 1. I know
> Cocoon 2 is still in alpha status, but in October the first beta will
> be
> released, and at the end of this year the final version.
> The project I want to use Cocoon (2) for ends in january 2001. My
> question is, can I start using/developing with Cocoon 2 (alpha at the
> moment) and will most of it still work (maybe faster :p) as soon as
> the
> final release will be there? In other words, will there not be major
> changes at XML/XSLT/XSP/Sitemap level (in comparisson to the newest
> alpha release)? And is the Alpha release usable at the moment? Not
> for
> production environment, just for testing purposes? (It may be a bit
> slower, but are most of the features there, in a pre-pre-pre state?).

Cocoon 2 is quite stable at the moment. I know other people are using
it at least for development for many weeks.

As with every alpha release we keep the right to change parts of the
system but it doesn't looks like the main interfaces for the sitemap
components and the structure of the sitemap itself will change

There is still work in progress that can affect your development work:

- moving from Xalan 1 to Xalan 2 (TRAX complience)
- adding the action and action-chain sitemap component
- adding component pooling

and other work like improving the system performance, adding command
line usability and of course writing some better documents.

I personally encourage people to use it for development to find out the
roughest bugs ;-)


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