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From Craig <>
Subject This may be a bug
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 17:41:18 GMT
Some people might consider this a bug, but maybe there is a good reason for

I have some html output in an XSL file that looks like this:

	<option value=""> -- Select a value -- </option>

Simple, enough. However, after Cocoon parses everything, it ends up getting
passed to the browser as this:

	<option value> -- Select a value -- </option>

I've discovered by chance that this is interpreted differently by Netscrape
and Internet Exploder. Netscape happens to read my mind and pass the value
as an empty string. IE, however, gets a little confused and sends " --
Select a value -- " as the parameter.

Is there a valid reason for Cocoon cropping off the ="", or should it be
fixed? (As a quick fix, I just changed the value from "" to "null", which is
probably better practice anyway)

\ Craig "Cowboy" McDaniel 
/_\ Software Engineer
/_/_\ Internet Tool & Die
/_/_/_/_\ (502) 584-8665 ext 108

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