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From Drasko Kokic <>
Subject Re: What now? (was: another SQL and XSP question)
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 10:29:43 GMT

--- Donald Ball <> wrote:
> easiest way is to identify what's lacking in the
> current documentation, come up with a rough
> outline of how it could be done better, and write
> whatever sections of the outline you feel capable
> of doing.

okay ... i will follow your advice.

> it's rather hard, coming from a developer's
> perspective, to figure out what the audience needs
> to know that we simply take for granted that you
> know. right? i mean, i can find almost everything
> i need to in the docs, so i don't exactly know
> what's missing. does that make sense?

absolutely ... i am a bit of a developer myself and
compleately understand what you mean.
i have to say i like to do a documentation mostly at
the beggining while i am getting into the project :-)
later, i prefer to get into coding too.

IMHO, the think we need very much in the docs area is
better jump-start for wanna-be contributors.  updated
design documents, architectural stuff etc. i was
closely following the email correspondence and find it
very valuable.  i wish we could capture all that in
some form of "knowledge-base" document.

> also, when it comes down to it, if i have an hour
> free to work on cocoon, i'm more apt to spend it
> fixing bugs and writing code than writing docs.
> shitty attitude, i guess, but the fact remains that
> while i'm a decent coder, i'm not a decent writer.
> - donald

don't be too hard to yourself :-)
i agree, everybody should utilise their time in the
best way they can and people should also have fun
working for this project.

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