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From "Pratik Machchar" <>
Subject Please Help me. Including xml file in another xml file
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2000 08:07:11 GMT
Hi cocoon users
Sorry for this off topic.
I searched the mail archive and found lots of information on this topic but none with luck.

Actually I wnat to include on file connectionInfo.sxml
     <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <?cocoon-format type="text/xml"?>
        <connection name="cyberoam">
and want to use it all the places.

when i use 

<title>Select IP</title>
  <util:include-uri href="http://localhost:8080/cyberoam/sql/connectionInfo.sxml"/>
<query connection="cyberoam">select distinct clientip from tblaccesslog order  by clientip

it gives me null pointer exception that no conneciton def is available.

It seems to me that I am missing somthing.
I even downloaded latest csv today and it is also giving me error that no classdef found .
It seems to me that I am doing something stupid.
One more thing I want to use relative path name not complete url.

please help me

thanks in advance

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