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From "Nicola Ken Barozzi" <>
Subject Re: AW: Examples of Cocoon
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2000 09:00:02 GMT
From: "Isidoro Martinez" <>

> I'm agree, throwing untested code can represent more a problem that a help.
> If we want that a framework as Cocoon works in real applications
> we should provide it with all the functional things that everybody needs and
> everybody has
> done or used.
> Maybe the first step idear should try to identify those points and work on
> them.
> It doesn't means they are related only with Cocoon; these points are 'generic
> issues'.
> Here some suggetions:
> 1) Database persistance.
> There are several proposals on the Net. It would be nice if we can integrate a
> good solution
> into the Cocoon framework (waiting for JDO?)

Examples of use cases?

> 2) List management.
> Something used thousands of times and everybody has to rewrite its own code!
> It could be nice to have a kind of interface, abstract class that should
> provide
> some basics functionalities:
> - Only a group of records are kept in memory. Buttons for Next/Prev.
> - The list must be refreshed each time it is visited again (configurable
> issue?)

Examples of use cases?

> 3) Form validation.
> Again provide some skeleton that provides:
> - After the form is validated, we know which fields are not valid an error
> messages related
> with each wrong issue. Then we can display a complete error message or mark the
> wrong fields
> in the form.

I reckon it will be there, sort of fp taglib II.

> 4) User tracking/personalization
> Something that the professional web sites ask more and more is a way to track
> the user 'movements'
> This valious information can be used afterwards to 'analyze' the user or to
> personalize the web
> site according with the things we know about the user.

IMHO more on user properties (persistent or transient).

> I know these things are not Cocoon specific, but they must be part of a web
> framewotk if we
> want that it is successful.
> Of course the list is not complete and well defined.
> I would like to work on it and try to find together nice solutions! :-)
> Isi,
> Ulrich Mayring wrote:
> > Henning von Bargen wrote:
> > >
> > > IMHO you should submit everything that is working, whether it's ugly code
> > > or
> > > unstable or whatever.
> > > Maybe the submitters should be encouraged to comment about the quality of
> > > their examples.
> >
> > Then again, maybe we should establish reference platforms, with which to
> > test contributed code. I think it is not very helpful to just throw
> > everything untested and only half-working onto the users.

I agree, they are needed.
As importance i would say:



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