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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: Custom taglib problem
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2000 10:01:35 GMT
At 09:24 +0200 04/08/00, Laurent Eskenazi wrote:
>Thanks, I worked.
>But I still have a small problem:
>When I update my XSP pages, they are recompiled as soon as I reload the
>page. But when I update my taglib, I have to delete my repository directory
>and restart my webserver to have the new version used by my pages. It's
>isn't very practical when developping.
>Is there a better / faster way to see the result of these updates ?

If you have your logicsheet referenced from, a recompile
of your XSP does not appear to happen when the logicsheet is changed. This
is fine for fully debugged logicsheets, but not a lot of fun when you are
still developing it!

Instead, put a <?xml-logicsheet href="path/to/your/logicsheet.xsl"?> PI
with the other PIs in your XSP Page to refer to the logicsheet. This way
recompilation occurs properly when your logicsheet changes.

Hope this helps

regards Jeremy


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