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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject HTML Formatter problem
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2000 16:29:09 GMT
Hi All,

I am making a set of new samples, for the dist and my teaching purposes.
Based around Stephano's slides, I'm doing an editor (using FP TagLib) and
some StyleSheets to view the slides as SMIL and SVG.

I am having a problem to do with the HTML Formatter.

To begin with, for simplicities sake, I have a Form Field whose contents
are the whole of each <slide/> node, editable as HTML. (The slide.dtd is
rather loose!)

The slide might look like this:

		<title>the title</title>
			<li>item 1</li>
			<li>item 2</li>

Putting this node as text into a Form Field, presents a problem.

When the whole lot (Form and contents) pass through the HTML Formatter, the
ending </li> tag is stripped (HTML normally does not want it) but my
application _does_ want it, I need the contents of the Form Field to be
just as valid XML  as when it was a DocumentFragment in a larger file.

How can I stop the HTML Formatter from touching the contents of my
<textarea/> tags?

There must be several Tags and Attributes that would be "legitimately"
altered by an HTML Formatter. <br/><hr/><img/><li/><input/>

Thanks for any help

regards Jeremy

   Jeremy Quinn                                           Karma Divers
                                                       webSpace Design
                                            HyperMedia Research Centre

   <>     		 <>
    <phone:+44.[0].20.7737.6831>        <>

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