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From Kevin Sonney <>
Subject Re: Cookie Taglib?
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2000 11:17:19 GMT
On Wed, 23 Aug 2000, John Morrison wrote:
> I'm sorry, I'm really not comming to grips with this taglib.  Would
> somebody (Kevin?) please be good enough to come up with an example
> (that could be added to the examples?).

See, I have no trouble with the example I provided you, given that the
cookie domain be set to the local domain for the webserver, or not at all.

> Kevin - according the doc's I've got for the Cookie API I _shouldn't_ set
> the domain, it should specify the host that saved them by default.  The
> problem I have is that I'm running Apache (and everything else) from my
> workstation.  It doesn't have a domain per se, it's accessed via it's PC
> name: http://pc04139dnta/

But you *DO* have a domain. Who'se your ISP? What about your local
domain at work? My machine is anmed "snorlax", but in my TCP/IP configs
(and the DNS, and the /etc/hosts file) it's ""

Look, if the cookie domain is giving you trouble, comment it out and see
if that helps. I could go into great detail about how you can have a
domain, as long as you're connected to TCP/IP, how to configure it, and
where in yuor networking stack, but that's outside the bounds of this
list. The example I gave you *WORKS* both with the cookie domain set to
the local web server domain name, *AND* with the cookie domain not set at
all. I *USE* the exact same code I gave you on my machine *AND* on 
client servers. 

| Kevin Sonney |
| Systems Programmer |

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