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From Mariusz Nowostawski <>
Subject CGI post and caching
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2000 03:16:19 GMT

I do not recall anybody asking for it before, but if I missed it I am
sorry for repeating it. Pointer to the previous answers would be

I have a form, which calls up an A.xml file passing by POST a list of
arguments. This xml file has associated style, ie. xslt transformations
which, based on the parameters and the A.xml file creates a response HTML
page.  All works fine, with the exception that if I change something in
the form, A.xml and its xslt instead of processing the request present  
previously cached HTML page instead. This problem does not occur with GET
method, because the url is always different. however in my particlar
case I have to use post (big number of arguments, textfields, hidden
fields, etc)

How I can force Cocoon to process the request every time, instead of using
cache? How I can make it working with POST requests correctly?

Thanks in advance for any workaround, help, directions 


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