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From Jeffrey_M_Gross...@Countrywide.Com
Subject WebSphere users?
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2000 20:51:44 GMT

I know that Mark Washeim is also a WebSphere user of Cocoon technology. I
was wondering if their are any other voices out there who are either using,
or planning on using WebSphere. We encountered a number of issues when
trying to get Cocoon to run under WebSphere, which I am more than willing
to share. The real trouble comes from WebSphere. First WebSphere uses a
version of XML4J (for internal reasons) that is DOM Level 1 compliant, but
not level 2, as required by Xerces 1.0.3. The next and more obscure issue
was that the IBM Java class loaders within WebSphere are not Java
compliant. The getResourceAsStream method used by the XSP code was failing
because it could not locate the resource (in the same JAR file that it just
loaded the class that was using the getResourceAsStream of). Our solution
to all these problems was to place all the Cocoon JAR files into the
ADMIN.CONF classpath setting. This is very heavy handed since now all apps
on the Server will use only a single copy of the classes, not the one
specified within the servlet engine for each app.

What I would hope to do is to create a list of other WebSphere users so
that we can collaborate, and pressure IBM into fixing some of these issues.
You can reach me either on this list or at:
Countrywide Home Loans
Calabasas, CA. USA 19302
Ph: (818) 871-4189
Fx: (818) 871-4645

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