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Subject Re: [Cocoon Users] XML to RTF?
Date Mon, 28 Aug 2000 07:27:19 GMT

Dear Cocoon users,

I had a look at the JRTF which I think is a very nice work.

IMHO It is certainly "better" than the RTF2XML/XML2RTF Java bean from
alphaworks since it does not require the author to "embed" the rtf commands
in such a way as their does,  however, unfortunately is not perfect since
does not support FO.

I think is important that  Authors of rendering engines make their sofware
FO compliant since that is *the* way to get widest acceptance
and application. FO allows a nice layering to be applied to the process and
thus componentry easy to be deployed.

In short, I think that it would be great if JRTF become JfoRTF whereby the
"fo" makes clear the importance of the "formatting object"
framework and thus make this bean "really" data producer "friedly".

Concerning the use of JNI by JRTF, certainly that is a poor  choice since
limits its portability however I think can be easily solved by using
appropriate components from the JDK1.2 which supports a wide variety of
input formats for graphics data. JRTF uses JNI only for handling WMF input
files and thus is not soo bad (one can avoid that input format, right ?).

Regards and compliments

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