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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject RE: recompilation
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2000 08:39:14 GMT
> > How does this work...
> > 
> > In my XSP file I write
> > 
> >  <xsp:logic>
> >    String s = "<xsl:value-of select="@something"/>";
> >  </xsp:logic>
> The above (mixing XSP and XSL tags) makes sense only in
> a taglib, _not_ in an XSP page as such.

...I'm just using the skeleton of the clean page
example! Is the XSP file from the example a taglib then?!?

I've realized that most cocooners use another approach...
but I guess this is the way to go for a clean separation
of code and design, right?

> > Don't cocoon need to recompile this stuff at every
> > page hit? I haven't tried out but what if I write
> > it this way?
> > 
> >  <xsp:logic>
> >    String s = <xsl:value-of select="@something"/>;
> >  </xsp:logic>
> > 
> > Now Java source code should be inserted... Guess
> > this will not work... but?!
> Could you, please, explain what you want to achieve
> with the above expression?

Well, actually nothing... ;) I was just thinking...
If the above with quotes works (and it does!) the
one without quotes should work, too. But actually
that would not make sense because that would mean
the xsl inserts java source code... Stop! Got it!
I guess... Just when writing these lines I think
I got it...
It will work (although it makes no sense;) because
the XML--XSL-->XSP processing happens only
when the XML changes... which means there is no
at runtime modification as long as the XML keeps
the same. (What happens when I use the xinclude
processor to include dynamic XML data from
a extern source?)

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