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From "Per Kreipke" <>
Subject RE: stylesheet switching on browser version
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2000 18:13:03 GMT
It seems to me that there are really three things that overlap somewhat in
this question:

1- how to dynamically choose style sheets to allow more logic/choices than
simply browser type (Donald's original question).

2- once you begin to dynamically insert PIs, one could use that capability
to chain transforms. Does this make everything harder?

3- if a XSP page is dynamic in some sense, how does it interact with the
Cocoon caching scheme (I thought I read once that Cocoon would respect
'changeable' points in DOM trees)

I'm not clear on what Cocoon can do at this point and what needs solving.

For 1), the solutions that have been mentioned earlier might work, or the
<?cocoon-process> PI could be enhanced with yet another decision attribute.

For 2), this could be powerful, but the C2 sitemap seems to be the preferred
solution. [Don't know, haven't seen it]

For 3), what happens with simple things like <util:include-file>? Does this
make the page 'dynamic'? I would think so, the included file could contain
XSP logic. How does this get handled now?

I'll gladly help (or simply put my two cents in) if I know what needs
comments :-)


> Robin Green wrote:
> > In other words, XSP assumes that it is getting its input document from
> > ProducerFromFile. Tsk, tsk.
> >
> > So either you have to
> >
> > A) Dynamically create stylesheets PIs in XSP instead (I recommend this)
> > B) Don't use XSP at all!!
> > C) Fix XSPProcessor (!)
> XSP assumes its input document to be a file so that it can
> reliably perform a change check every time the XSP page is
> requested.
> What does decoupling XSP from ProducerFromFile entail?
> If we had a way of (efficiently!) comparing the entire document
> passed as input to XSPProcessor from its previous version then
> we'd be all set.
> How can this be achieved? Should we extend Producer as to,
> somehow, reflect the source document's last modified timestamp?
> Ideas are welcome!

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