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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject RE: generating xsl processing instructions
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 19:58:08 GMT
"Lisa van Gelder" <> wrote:
>I'm not sure if this is possible to do in xsl? I have tried to escape the <
>and > using &lt; and &gt; respectively as well as CDATA[[]] but to no 

This is a very common problem. It is not possible to write XML using &lt; in 
Cocoon 1.7.4 - I believe this is because of a bug in the version of Xerces 
shipped with Cocoon.

Anyway writing XML using &lt; etc. should be possible according to the XSLT 
spec and using disable-output-escaping, but it should be discouraged because 
it is messy and too easy to make mistakes. For what you want you can just 
use xsl:element and xsl:attribute (sorry, I forgot to mention 
xsl:attribute). Or for less verbosity, you can declare two XSLT namespaces, 
as someone else suggested just now.

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