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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject RE: 64k limit (was: new version of the sql logicsheet under devel opment)
Date Mon, 28 Aug 2000 18:39:05 GMT
Didier VILLEVALOIS <> wrote:
>Hi friends...
>I think your problem is induced by the fact you inline all of the logic of
>one page of your applications in one class.

That's not correct. Look at some of the logicsheets. They call external 
Cocoon classes. And obviously DOM creation is inherently OO (and maybe shows 
why OO is not always so good!)

>From the beginning i found this method "object unoriented". You encapsulate
>logic for all the tags found in a page in one class. Don't you think all 
>xml producing logic should be separated in modules to enhance reusability.

It is, but there are practical limits. For example, literal node creation is 
not easy to modularise because it refers to lots of local variables. But as 
I said before, I don't understand this - why do we need all those nodeStacks 
and whatever?

>Ok code snippets are reused because capitalized in taglibs. But the 
>code is not. That's is too much inlining.
>That's why i looked in another direction : Embeding logic in stylesheets 
>not in producers. What i mean is compiling taglibs instead of sources !! To
>do this we need an xsl->java transform similar to the xsp->java one.

The trouble is XSL is not necessarily the best language for general 
programming tasks. E.g. there is no _standardised_ method for invoking Java 
methods. In general Cocoon does not want to rely on non-standard "hacks" 
like Xalan extension functions.

>If you like my approach and would like to give some help, i'm currently
>working on xpath compilation. Next steps are optimization of the
>intermediate language and then write primitives in an other language than
>Java. And then manage advanced features as sorts.
>All the process is done in xsl in order to be then able to bootstrap it.
>I'd really like some help so tell me...
>A+. Didier.

Great fun, I was hoping to do something like that myself soon. Not to solve 
XSP problems, but in fact to speed up XSLT transformations. Can you put it 
up on sourceforge or something? I don't mind if it doesn't compile yet, no 

By the way Sun has said it plans to open source their XSLT compiler sometime 
in September.

Robin Green

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