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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: 2 questions: nested xml evaluation, forcing servlets not to cache , code design opinions
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2000 21:12:45 GMT
Steve Conover <> wrote:
>First a hopefully easy question.  Every time I want to execute a change to
>one of my files, I have to go into my servlet repository

You mean Cocoon repository, right?

>and delete out the
>cached .java and .class files.

If you are talking about servlets you would not be deleting your servlet 
java files, so you must be talking about the Cocoon repository!

>  Should there be a way to turn this off (I
>looked thru the config files an I couldn't find anything obvious).  Anyone
>know how to do this with Jrun specifically?

It is nothing to do with Jrun. The most probable cause is that the date/time 
is set wrong on either your machine with your text editor on it, or the 
server. Cocoon uses file date/times to determine whether files should be 
regenerated. Try correcting the system clocks on the machine and setting the 
date/time on your client (the machine with the text editor on it I mean) to 
5 mins ahead of the server, just to be sure.

If this is not the cause, I don't know - My colleague's seen this happen 
yesterday without the date being the problem, but it inexplicably went away 
again today.

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