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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: more docs for Cocoon 1.7 + Tomcat 3.1
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2000 12:17:09 GMT
Looks mostly okay, I just have 2 comments.

Chris Meyer <> wrote:
>I went through the difficult process of trying to decipher the
>documentation on how to install Cocoon with Tomcat today. I don't
>know if my explanation is much better than what is there already, but
>I think it is a little more complete and 'to the point'.
>+    <p>
>+     Next you need to edit the
><code>$TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/WEB-INF/web.xml</code> file to point to the
>+     Cocoon properties file in the same directory. Do this by
>changing the text
>+     <code>conf/</code> to
><code>WEB-INF/cocoon-properties</code>. Note that this path is a
>+     path must be so. Don't try to use an absolute path here. It
>won't work.

Actually according to the servlet 2.2 spec (IIRC), it must begin with a / 
but even so it will be treated as relative.

>Also note that
>+     the web.xml file describes how to map .xml requests to the
>Cocoon servlet.
>+    </p>
>+    <p>
>+     Next you need to populate the cocoon context with source
><code>.xml</code> files. For testing purposes
>+     you can just use the samples that come along with Cocoon.
>+    </p>

Let's not get rid of these sections below please. Especially not the section 
about the xml jars which is a very FAQ!!

>-    <note>
>-      Because Cocoon now (since version 1.7.3) uses getResource() in the
>-      Servlet API to read, and has different instances 
>-      each servlet context, you need to put a copy of in 
>-      of your servlet contexts that use Cocoon. (It is recommended to put 
>-      in the context's WEB-INF directory, or a password-protected 
>-      to prevent anyone from being able to read it over the web.)
>-      However, you <strong>cannot</strong> use symbolic links on Unix to

>-      to a file outside of the current context, because Tomcat does not 
>-      it for security reasons.
>-    </note>
>-    <note>
>-      the <code></code> file <strong>must</strong>
>be referenced
>-      with relative paths in <code>WEB-INF/web.xml</code>, otherwise, 
>-      won't be able to locate it's properties and won't be able to start.
>-    </note>
>-    <p>
>-     Note that you should not need to change anything from the template
>-     properties file found in the distribution, but you must edit it for
>-     more complex operation. Please refer directly to the file that 
>-     brief indications and comments on the different configurations, but 
>-     don't need to care about that at this point.
>-    </p>
>-   <p>
>-    At this point, you should check if your system matches the global
>-    considerations about Cocoon properties. Usually, you might want to 
>-    the installation a try as it is and then read again that section if
>-    something goes wrong. Most installations don't need any changes to
>-    be operational.
>-   </p>
>-   <p>
>-    If you have upgraded Cocoon from an older version and Cocoon won't
>-    initialize, either ensure that
>-    you are using the latest - or, if you are have some
>-    non-standard properties in which you need to keep,
>-    refer to the latest to find out what changes need to
>-    be made, if any.
>-   </p>
>-   <p>
>-    Everything should now be configured fine. Restart both Apache and 
>-    and try accessing the samples contained in the distribution to see
>-    Cocoon in action or the <code>/Cocoon.xml</code> page for Cocoon 
>-    status.
>-   </p>
>-   <note>
>-    Make sure that <code>xerces.jar</code> is located 
>-    <code>xml.jar</code> otherwise Cocoon won't run. To do this, rename
>-    <code>xml.jar</code> as <code>zxml.jar</code> to be placed
later in
>-    alphabetical order.
>-   </note>
>+     Finally, you need to stop Tomcat, stop Apache, then restart the
>two in order to make
>+     all of the new settings load. You should be able to access pages like
>+     http://localhost/cocoon/Cocoon.xml and
>+    </p>

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