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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Spawning Cocoon for local XML/XSL work
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2000 13:42:02 GMT
"Yann" <> wrote:

>Well I have to create an app that will allow users to generate XML 
>and transform them in various files. It's like a desktop app as opposed to 
>real Cocoon web app. There are some reasons for doing so but I don't want 
>get into the details.
>Instead of using Xalan and also doing something similar to the XSP SQL tag
>lib, I thought I might as well spawn a Cocoon instance that will process an
>XSP page and do the transformation and eventually save the results onto the
>hard drive (possibly using the Xalan redirection extension).
>So has anybody done something similar (like a servlet wrapper) for Cocoon.
>Or is it even simpler than I thought?

It's very simple. Look at src/org/apache/cocoon/ in your 
distribution. Just create an EngineWrapper and call handle() on it.

Obviously some things won't make much sense in offline mode, like 
response.sendRedirect. Most servletRequest and servletResponse functionality 
doesn't do anything in offline mode.

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