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From David Dupuy <>
Subject RE: WML
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2000 09:43:10 GMT
I'm sorry to answer you so late. I'm going to give up with Nokia Toolkit for
a while because I had too much problems with Java applications on my
computer. Now I'm trying with UP.SDK and I get almost the same errors. It is
for example "No translator for content-type : Text/plain". 
I know that Cocoon should handle everything and should generate the wml
code, but I think we have to set it up before. It seems like as soon as I
use cocoon, nothing work anymore. Maybe, we have to look at the "conf"
directory or itself...I'm working on that right now. If
you've got any ideas..don't hesitate...


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From: []
Sent: 3. august 2000 13:02
Subject: RE: WML


    I also had problems viewing the Nokia Demo. What are your symptoms?
I got something like "coding error, " "illegal font" or something, which
was gone when I removed the (C) sign from the about page ((C)
) or so. Now it works. If you have other problems, please describe them.

To see the page, ask the toolkit for

Everything else is handled by cocoon...



>> I haven't tried generating WML with Cocoon yet, but I have worked on a
>> project where we generated WML using an EJB and JSP to call it.  We had
>> add <%@ page contentType="text/vnd.wap.wml" %> to each of our JSP pages.
>> don't know what the equivalent is in cocoon.
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: David Dupuy []
>> Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 10:00 AM
>> To: ''
>> Subject: WML
>> Hello all,
>> Has someone already tried the stylesheet for Nokia toolkit? I've got some
>> problems to make the basic example working. Via the Nokia toolkit, Should
>> browse for the xml file and the WML will be generated thanks to the right
>> stylesheet? I get some curious errors when I try by this way. Should I
>> up something to the Nokia toolkit to make it working with Cocoon?
>> Thx
>> David

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