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From Duncan Alexander <>
Subject Can a single generic XSP page suffice...?
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2000 12:59:10 GMT
	we are currently designing a multi-language site based around XSP.
In a previous
post I outlined our 'pattern' for doing this (see The right direction). This
involves using XSP
to combine several XML documents for static, authored and dynamic content
then selecting
an XSP page to apply to this. What we are wondering however is this..... is
there any need to have multiple
XSP pages  i.e. one for each page in the website, when a single generic XSP
page might do.
In other words this single page would call on java code (beans) to select
static, authored and
dynamic content (XML) based on user parameters (page, site, language etc.)
and then select 
an XSL page to apply to it based on the user page parameter. I could also
extend this functionality
to include beans to handle cookies generically and authorisation
Have we got the wrong end of the stick here because I personally cant see
the use in this case of 
having multiple XSP files.


Duncan Alexander
Direct Solutions Ltd.

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