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From Saravanan Bellan <>
Subject RE: Cocoon Cache - XSP
Date Sun, 20 Aug 2000 05:36:28 GMT
Does this mean Cocoon cache looks at the Date/Time from the Request headers
from the client/browser? 

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From: Robin Green
Sent: 8/19/00 8:34 AM
Subject: Re: Cocoon Cache - XSP

Saravanan Bellan <> wrote:
>Cocoon cache is driving me nuts. Lot of times what ever change i make
to my
>XSP does not get reflected when invoked from the URL.
>Tried stopping and starting tomcat - no help.

You probably have your date/time on your server or client set wrong. The

client clock should be exactly identical to the server clock - or
that, slightly faster than the server clock. Otherwise cocoon does not
files have changed.

>Disabled cache in cache to NoCache) - no help.
>For eg) even after I remove the xslt PI in the xsp file, the pages are 
>transformed. (Code changes are not reflected too)
>Only after I copy the file to a different name, I'm able to see the 

That is completely consistent with the cause of the problem being the 

>The cocoon user doc says that the Objects are cached beyond the JVM. Is
>there a way to destroy the cache when I restart the server.

Yes, delete the contents of the repository directory. See your file to see where this is.

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