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From "Jon M Glass" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon's issues with multiple stylesheets / multiple input documents
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2000 14:38:50 GMT
Thanks for your reply. I've had real trouble using the document() function -
something that works fine when I use xt doesn't work when I try it on
Cocoon/Xalan - so I'd be very interested to see an example of document()
working. I was wondering if you, or anyone, could help?


     Jon on 29/08/2000 14:04:19

Please respond to

cc:   (bcc: Jon M Glass)
Subject:  Re: Cocoon's issues with multiple stylesheets / multiple input

On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Jon M Glass wrote:

> I first saw this kind of implementation in IE5 and was not surprised,
> since for client side operation the two files both deal with
> presenting a single page of data to the user. Why doesn't (or, please,
> tell me it does and how) Cocoon allow you to request an html page
> rendered from a specified .xml _and_ a specified.xsl? Xalan works this
> way so it surprises me that Cocooon hasn't followed this very sensible
> paradigm. If there isn't a way then I'll have to hack it in one of the
> many ugly ways I've seen on this list, but I reckon there must be lots
> of people with the same problem, especially since the document()
> function doesn't work properly either (again, please tell me it does).

1. you can create the xml-stylesheet pi at runtime using a number of
different mechanisms. see xsp for instance.

2. cocoon2 allows you to flexibly map uris to different xml and xsl files

3. document() works fine for me.

- donald

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