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From Yngve Svendsen <>
Subject Applying a different stylesheet - possible?
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2000 08:27:52 GMT
I am running a Cocoon-based setup with Apache JServ. For the time being, 
the only purpose it is being used for is applying fairly simple XSL 
stylesheets to XML docs.

The setup runs nicely, but I have run into one seemingly insurmountable 
problem: Cocoon seems to lack the capability for applying a different 
stylesheet to a document than the one specified in the document itself. Our 
setup uses a form where users specify what document they need and whether 
the document should be formatted for screen or print. The form data gets 
posted to a simple script which redirects the client to the requested 
document. I know that Cocoon supports different media types, but I see no 
way of modifying the User-Agent header in the client request in order to 
exploit this.

Our former, purely Xalan-based servlet setup had a simple mechanism for 
applying different stylesheets, but Cocoon seems to be unable to do this. 
Has anyone been able to find a workaround for this? I should probably add 
that I know very little Java.

This might be an FAQ, but the only references to this kind of problem I've 
been able to find are almost a year old.

Yngve Svendsen

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