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From SaiRam Mattancheril <>
Subject Re: XSP Not working with WebLogic
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2000 14:21:40 GMT

I had the same problem -- but once i added the "cocoon" classes to CLASSPATH
(previously i had them only in WEBLOGIC_CLASSPATH), the XSPs started working.
However I had to start weblogic "manually" by running startWebLogic from a "dos"
window. Pretty much, I just followed the steps you and James Scott had posted to
the newsgroup earlier.

Here are the complete steps i followed to get the whole thing working.

1) Added the following lines to
 #Cocoon Stuff added by Sai

2) Created a directory "cocoonwar" under /weblogic/myserver

3) Copied the "WEB-INF" directory from cocoon-1.7.4/src to

4) Verified that the directory includes the file web.xml

5) In the line in web.xml that has, replaced the line with

6) Copied the file to /weblogic/myserver/cocoonwar/WEB-INF

7) Made sure that the repository directory specified in file
is "./repository"
 processor.xsp.repository = ./repository

8) Created a sub-directory /weblogic/myserver/cocoonwar/repository

9) Copied the samples directory (/cocoon1.7.4/samples)  to

10) Created a directory c:\jars and copied cocoon.jar, xerces_1_0_3.jar,
 fop_0_12_1.jar, jaas.jar, jndi.jar, ldap.jar,ldapbp.jar, providerutil.jar,

11) In startWebLogic.cmd file  replaced the "set PRE_CLASSPATH=" line with
 set PRE_CLASSPATH=c:\cocoon-1.7.4\lib\cocoon.jar;c:\jars\xerces_1_0_3.jar;

12) Where JAVA_CLASSPATH is being set in startWebLogic.cmd, appended the


13) Restarted weblogic and try accessing http://localhost:7001/Cocoon.xml and
 http://localhost:7001/samples/index.xml -- assuming here that 7001 is the port

14) If it doesnt work, try copying to

15) In case you get an LDAP related error, then probably you are missing the
jndi.jar and
 associated jar files. Try to get them from the Sun website. Or if you cant get
 go ahead and comment the line
 processor.type.ldap = org.apache.cocoon.processor.ldap.LdapProcessor

16) Make sure you have tools.jar on JAVA_CLASSPATH


"Typrowitz, Jim" wrote:

> I'm having difficulty getting the XSP examples to work with WebLogic 5.1.
> All the XML examples work fine.
> I've set my classpath, weblogic classpath, and cocoonwar directory as
> specified on the Cocoon site, but I still get an XSP error:
> java.lang.Exception: XSP Java Compiler: Compilation failed for
> 7: Package org.w3c.dom not found in import.
>     import org.w3c.dom.*;
> It is as if the XSP compiler can't find the xerces jar file.  Has anyone
> seen this?
> Thanks,
> Jim
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