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From Hans-Guenter Stein <>
Subject XSLT and formatters
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2000 09:03:18 GMT
Any suggestions towards the following?

I produce html-output the following way:

XML/XSP input -----(XSLT)----> XML-output ----(standard html-formater
applied by Cocoon)---> HTML-output

The problem is, that the XSLT that produces the XML-outputbe comes a
performance issue simply because the XSLT-stylesheets contain A_LOT of
HTML formating tags (i.e. tables in tables in tables ...)

So the XSLT-processor spends most of the time in parsing tags that have
nothing to do with the data (a page might well contain a few lines of
data enclosed in 100-200 table-cells).

Now: is there any solution for inserting all the surrounding
table-formating stuff into the final HTML-output without having the
XSLT-processor parsing all the table-formating and building a very large

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