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From Alex Ferrer <>
Subject Re: Possible to use beans with session scope ???
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2000 20:13:05 GMT
How would you suggest to go about it then?
Say I have a bean that handles all persistance issues, and I would like
initialize it once when I boot the server, and from there on just talk to it
for all my needs, with out having to reload it (and therefore re-initialize it)

any comments are welcome.


Robin Green wrote:

> I'm not very clued up with JSP - never used it in a serious way - but yes,
> it should definitely be possible. Just ensure that your bean classes are on
> the classpath, obviously.
> (Note: If my auto-reload code [not posted yet] makes it into Cocoon 1.8 or
> maybe 1.8.1, and you use that version of Cocoon - no reason why not to! -
> ensure that the beans that need to be shared between JSP pages and Cocoon
> pages are not part of the auto-reload classpath, otherwise they will not be
> reliably shared correctly. This is an inherent problem with classloaders,
> AFAIK - you can't have your cake (auto-reloading in one servlet) and eat it
> (share bean properties between servlets).)

Alex Ferrer

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