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From Pavol Murin <>
Subject AW: HTML & WML from the same site?
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2000 11:58:08 GMT
I'm doing the same thing. I use the "media" attribute and it seems to work
OK. Don't worry about missing special attributes. I just use two
possibilities: one without the media attribute (which converts to html) and
the second one with media="wap". 

			Pavol Murin

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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 3. August 2000 12:59
Betreff: HTML & WML from the same site?


    I am working on a web site that should serve both HTML and WML pages
from the same URL and document root (I tried virtual named hosts in
Apache, but the requestor does not always send the host name, so I did
not work). Is there a way in Cocoon to make it distinguish between the
kind of requests that are comming in, so that the initial page is sent
either in WML or HTML?

I tried it using the media= attribute, but I do not know what kind of
browsers will be used to look at the site (especially new WAP handies,

Is there a better way to find out what requests come in?

Or should I force the system to send the netscape & microsoft browsers
the HTML version and the WML-page to all other browsers? Is there a
danger that I miss a special configuration, eg of MS IE, and this user
gets sent the WML-Version, which he can not read then?

I run Cocoon 1.74 on apache 1.3.11 and Jserv on a linux box.

Thanks a lot,


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