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From Manuel Mall>
Subject How to attached a different stylesheet
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2000 03:27:10 GMT
Firstly I am fairly new to cocoon and secondly the cocoon mailing list
archives appear unreachable. Therefore my apologies if this question is
either trivial or has been asked and answered before.

I need to implement sort of a report writer (document producer) based on
information retrieved from a database. So I am using the XSP SQL stuff to
get the data out of the (MySQL) database. Now, depending on the value of a
field retrieved from the database (or depending on a field in the resulting
XML) I would like to invoke a different FOP stylesheet to produce the
desired PDF output, ie. I want to have a different look and feel depending
on a database value. Is this possible? All examples I have seen which attach
multiple or different stylesheets to the same XML document are based around
the media attribute. This doesn't appear to work in my case.



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