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From "Spychalski, Frank" <>
Subject RE: (How) can I achieve this?
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2000 21:50:38 GMT
->-----Original Message-----
->From: Yao, Di []
->Subject: RE: (How) can I achieve this?
->Thanks frank.  The reason I need "something like that" is:
->I want to group the records with parentid=x under the record 
->with id=x.
->The records in the xml file are not grouped.
->My goal is to get something like:
->Record with parentid 0 and id=x1
->  	Record with parentid=x1 id=y1
->	Record with parentid=x1 id=y2
->   	....
->Record with parentid 0 and id=x2
->	Record with parentid=x2 id=z1
->	Record with parentid=x2 id=z2
->	.....
->Note there are only two levels, no more.
->There must be better way to achieve this, I am a new comer to 
->cocoon and
->xsl. could you help me?
->Thanks a lot

if you can change the xml file (if you can influence you input format...)

    other content
    other content
    other content

it'll be much easier (and much more 'xmlish' :-))
<xsl:template match="oneline">
     <xsl:apply-templates select="oneline"/>

Frank Spychalski
Research Engineer
SAP Labs, Palo Alto  

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