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From Konstantin Agouros <>
Subject Some beginner-Questions
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2000 13:26:30 GMT

since the archive is currently down some things that came to my mind while
playing around a little bit with it. (Disclaimer I did a little reading about
XML/XSL quite some time ago but currently I am more in the state of trying to
adapt the samples. The Book is ordered but I am still waiting for it \:()

1.) Just to know how to 'think right' for this: I noticed a considerable amount
    of Programming logic in the .xsl's (without using xsp). Is this the way
    to go with this?
2.) (This might really be answered by doing up some reading but anyway) 
    One thing that sprang to my mind was: Wouldn't it be nice to write a DTD
    and then be able to dynamically generate a HTML-form for entering some
    data with an XML-document that uses the dtd and then afterwards use
    XML-validation to verify that the user filled out the correct fields instead
    of doing this by hand (in perl-cgi-programming I hate this \:) Can this
    be done?
3.) There was a little bit about dynamically generating XML that ist then
    displayed using the formatters. But that looked quite servlet-like.
    My question can I use an external method (i.e. perl) to generated XML that
    is then displayed using cocoon?
4.) Something quite simple (I hope) I played around with the SQL stuff and
    got it working. However in the .xsl I had to know the names of the
    table-columns to display them. Is there a way to create a generic
    table-displayer? What I mean is one stylesheet that works for every select
    from every table I might have?

Just some questions after playing around a little.

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