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From David Pettersson <>
Subject Converting site
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 22:51:47 GMT

I'm one of many in charge of a larger site with hundreds of Html documents,
and we've been discussing a transfer to xml (since the documents are mostly
articles for reading). However, there are a few obstacles that need to be
overcome. They are:

  -  Converting from Html -> Xml. This can be done by hand, but are there
     any `smart' tools that can `figure out' that <h1></h1> is some sort
     of title etc to do a rough translation?
  -  Switch rendering type. I know it is possible to use different Xsl's
     depending on the client, but does this code have to be written in
     each Xml document (can it be included and still processed?) ?
  -  Forum. We have an existing and well working forum for online discussions
     written in Php. Is it possible to run Php under Tomcat, or should
     we rewrite it as a servlet or using Xsp?
  -  Are there any Xml search engines, lite htdig, swish-e or such?
Those are our main questions. Hope they aren't to elementary. Any comments,
either private or to the list are welcomed.



David Pettersson                  
                                            PGP key available on request.

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