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From "Marcelo F. Ochoa" <>
Subject RE: file uploading, downloading
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2000 12:18:45 GMT

> Part of the requirement of my system is that users not have direct access
> (i.e. plain links) to documents on the filesystem.  I know that you can open
> up a file and send a bytestream to the browser in a servlet
> there any good way of doing this in an xsp environment?

nope, not really. you'll want cocoon2's pass-through filtering for that. i
reckon you could abuse cocoon1's architecture to make it do so, but it
wouldn't be pretty.

> I assume the same problem doesn't exist for uploading...I could just
> reference Jason Hunter's multipart class and grab the incoming file
> stream...right?

well, cocoon touches the input stream, so i don't think it'll work well
with jason's stuff, which needs the input stream intact. you could
redirect to cocoon from a servlet which used jason's stuff. his stuff has
a really silly license though - i wish there were a good no strings
attached multipart file upload thingie inside tomcat or jserv. personally
i'm now using a pass-through perl cgi which saves the file to the
filesystem, generates a new request to the real destination, and spews
back the results. works pretty well.
You could use JavaMail api in order to open multipart/form data request, this input stream
is in mime complaint mode, similiar to mime body of an email.

- donald

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