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From "Olivier Richaud" <>
Subject Re: speed problems
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2000 12:47:36 GMT
> Matthew Smith wrote:
> >
> >         I've noticed my pages loading slowly, but I've just been playing
with very
> > very simple stuff so far.  I loaded up an example produced in this
> > Logic and Layout TagLibs basic examples.  It's fairly simple.  It took a
> > long time to return from the server.  I checked the cocoon comment at
> > bottom of the page - over 10 seconds.
> >         The page returns the date and time, so is always changing.
> > calls are taking around 250-350 milliseconds.  I guess the cache is
> > something, but that's still a fairly long time.  I didn't see any
> > tweaking advice on the cocoon page.  Does anyone have some?
I must say have the same problems:
1- I can wait up to 10s to have my page whenever traffic is heavy
2- Cocoon seems to block when traffic becomes heavy !!!!!

I dynamicaly generates list of elements that I layout as html tables. For
example, I will produce, by extracting data from a database using XSP :

 <elt> ... </elt>
<elt> ... </elt>
<elt> ... </elt>

When I decided to deactivate Cocoon's page (see the and
turn on the NoCache object), I felt more comfortable! But, this is still

> First any server response time less than a second is respectable.
> Second, the first access compiles the XSP page--thus the long compile.

Well, this is done at the first request. Nevertheless, is there a way to
precompile all XSP pages ? Indeed, on-the-fly compilation is fine when
developping, but in a production environment, this is a problem.

> The simpler the logic, the simpler the stylesheet, the quicker the
> Of course, you could always throw more hardware at it.  The Cocoon2
> addresses this very issue.  By moving from a costly DOM environment--whose
> real benefit is only seen on client side applications--Cocoon can perform
> same transforms in half the time.

I'm a Cocoon 1.7.4 (with some patches) user since I considered this version
as most stable version up to date. Am I wrong? How about Cocoon 2? I cannot
rely on a buggy version since my work is about to be on-line.

> There are some things you can do in the stylesheet level, check the Xalan
> FOP projects for details.

I went to Xalan's FAQ page and they are talking about perfomance
improvements in "What can I do to speed up transformations?" I noticed they
recommend to set the XSLTProcessor to function as a SAX DocumentHandler. Is
this possible with Cocoon? Are there limitations, ... ? How can I do that
with Cocoon if so?

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