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From "Tomasz J. Marcinkowski" <>
Subject How to avoid &xxx; on Cocoon output ?
Date Sat, 05 Aug 2000 11:14:04 GMT

We use Cocoon 1.5-2.3 with Debian Potato on a Pentium II machine.
We are beginners in Cocoon - we choose it three weeks ago.

We have the following problem: the most popular charset encoding in Poland
is iso-8859-2. Unfortunately, Cocoon changes every character above #127 into
its &xxx; representation, when parsing xml/xsl into html. Internet Explorer
v. 5.0 can't read this and leaves it literally as &xxx; - it's very
confusing. Change from iso-8859-2 to utf-8 takes no effect (no positive
effect - we just have doubled the ampersands :-(  ).

We weren't able to find the solution in any documentation we had (or were
able to find).

At this point we gave up and decided to ask if we may suggest to Cocoon
the encoding we want to use, and how to do it ? The work we have to do is to
parse xml files into html pages. We may prepare xml files with utf-8 or
iso-8859-2 encoding, but what to do to avoid these ampersands ?
The only solution we imagine is to make a CGI script to translate
Cocoon-parsed files into iso-8859-2 or utf-8 again.

Would you suggest any better solution ?


Tomasz Marcinkowski
OIG Telvinet Poland

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