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From "Tomasz J. Marcinkowski" <>
Subject Encoding problem
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2000 10:37:37 GMT
(I am forwarding a message with attachements - tjm):

I tried to find a well-developped system and I found Cocoon (version 1.5 on
Debian Potato). But...
Even using the techniques described here I was not able to make Cocoon
output to be readable for most browsers. I tried some different encoding
declarations in xml/xsl files and in formatter.text/html.encoding, and all
the output files seem to be the same: in case of ISO-8859-2 encoding, every
character above 0x7f was changed into &#dec; and the only browser able to
display these characters properly was Lynx, in case of UTF-8 encoding every
16-bit character was changed into sequence of &#dec;&#dec; and not &#dec16;
I am not Java programmer and I can not solve this problem. The xml and xsl
files using both iso-8859-2 and utf-8 encodings are attached. Any help will
be appreciated.

Jaroslaw Danielski
Ogolnopolska Informacja Gospodarcza TELVINET - tel.9474 - ICQ: 42453910
50-439 Wroclaw, ul.Kościuszki 142 tel. 71-3414811, fax 71-3414810

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