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From "Perry Molendijk" <>
Subject Re: XSP bug with new line characters?
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2000 01:29:34 GMT
To stop XMLSpy from indenting and breaking lines go to edit - settings select the file types
tab and select the file extention on the left and select the Text View option under Default
View. I have had a few problems myself with the linebreaks and indenting added by XMLSpy mainly
with xhtml documents in IE5.

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Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2000 7:56 AM
Subject: XSP bug with new line characters?


I'm using the following two lines in my xml document: 
        <xsp:attribute name="que-num"><xsp:expr>question</xsp:expr></xsp:attribute>

        <xsp:attribute name="sec-num"><xsp:expr>section</xsp:expr></xsp:attribute>

However, if these are broken up into more than two lines, cocoon will not parse the document,
resulting in an empty document. 
for example: 

        <xsp:attribute name="que-num"> 
        <xsp:attribute name="sec-num"> 

The 6 lines above result in an empty error. 

Is this a bug, where cocoon needs these on two lines, and only two lines? 
If there is a work-around please help! Thanks. 

(by the way, I'm using XMLSpy v. 3.0.7, which is converting the two lines at the top to the
six lines above whenever I open the document).

Anthony Ettinger
Sr. Web Developer

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