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From "Matthew Smith" <>
Subject the big picture, dtd's, and substitution entities
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2000 19:44:37 GMT
    I'm afraid I'm missing the big picture on how to glue all my documents,
xsp, and stylesheets together.  There's a good chance this next question is
a direct result of that.
    How can I create an element that will allow me to use a substitution
macro through both my stylesheet and any xml document that I create to be
parsed with it?  I'm afraid I'm not communicating this correctly, so I'll
elaborate.  Normaly I can define <!entity pricolor "6666FF"> in a DTD, and
then in an xml document I can use &pricolor; anywhere and my xml browsers
will replace it with the hex color definition I specified.
	Now, what I want to do in Cocoon is to be able to define these entities in
the stylesheet and have any occurance of those macros to be substituted.
But I really don't understand how DTD's fit into the Cocoon model.  Or maybe
I just don't know something I should know about stylesheets in this case.
	I'd really appretiate anyone who might be able to clear this up for me.


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