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From "Martin Erlandsson" <>
Subject SV: Cocoon and IE 5.5
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2000 12:43:22 GMT
>Martin Erlandsson wrote:
>> Greetings fellow Cocooners!
>> I upgraded to IE 5.5 and now I am having troubles viewing my
>Cocoon files.
>> IE 5.5 seems more picky about file extentions than IE 5.01.
>> Example:
>> When requesting the fo sample darkness-novel.xml like this:
>> .../samples/fo/darkness-novel.xml
>> and also
>> .../samples/fo/darkness-novel.xml?
>> I get a blank page.
>> However,
>> .../samples/fo/darkness-novel.xml?.pdf
>> works, but is not a clean solution in the long run (I think).
>> While waiting for Cocoon 2 to solve this, does anyone have a
>suggestion how
>> to solve this nicely with Cocoon 1.x ?
>Save your xml files with the PDF extension and have Cocoon
>process them.
>Cocoon doesn't have a problem with extensions--IE does (not
>following spec
>and forcing everyone to work around their stupidity).
>The only problem with that solution is that you cannot store real PDF
>documents in the same context as Cocoon.
>So it would work like this:
>rename darkness-novel.xml to darkness-novel.pdf, and set the
>servlet mapping
>to have Cocoon process "*.pdf" as well as "*.xml".

Thanks for your prompt answer!

I agree, that is *usually* a better solution than the "?.pdf".
However, I often use parameters to output one xml file to several different
stylesheets, like:


I port this through a parameter-testing stylesheet with dynamic processing

It would take one copy of the xml file for every type of stylesheet I want
to use, and that kind of kills the idea of parallel publishing. :)

More suggestions, anyone?
Or do we have to wait for Cocoon 2 to come and save the day?

/Martin Erlandsson

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