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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: FP beta-testing feedback (was: Re: [ANN] FP TagLib)
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2000 10:38:50 GMT
At 23:11 +1000 15/07/00, Jeff Turner wrote:
>I spent much of today playing with FP, and couldn't quite get it
>going. Has anyone else got feedback?
>I followed the installation instructions exactly, I hope (Tomcat
>3.2dev, Cocoon1.7.5dev from CVS).
>Clicking on the first "[add]" button (item-add.xml?item=1), I get a
>form with no labels anywhere, empty drop-down lists and a label-less
>submit button. It seems that the <fp:read> tags aren't doing anything.
>To illustrate, the line:
><fp:read as="node" from="external-item" select="../item/title"/>
>is supposed to generate:
>    <title>Title 1</title>
>    <title>Title 2</title>
>    <title>Title ...</title>
>and doesn't.
>A possible cause: the FP class fpResource uses
>org.apache.xerces.parsers.RevalidatingDOMParser, which isn't present
>in the default xerces.jar for cocoon1 (1.0.3), cocoon2 (1.1.2), and is
>currently broken (and commented out in build.xml) in the latest xerces
>from CVS. I would have expected ClassNotFoundErrors, but didn't see

No, I am not using RevalidatingDOMParser yet.

Can you please try this ....

Edit the XML file "item-add.xml" changing the output StyleSheet to use
"form-xml.xsl" instead of "form-html.xsl".

Send me the output

>Can't wait to get this going; it looks extremely cool :)


>Jeremy Quinn wrote:
>>                (UNIX)
>Unless I'm doing something dumb, I think this last file is corrupted.
>$ gunzip -t fp.tar.Z
>gunzip: fp.tar.Z: corrupt input.
>Installing from the zip, form/default.xml is horribly mangled (even
>for win;), ie it starts:

I think I will have to stop issuing a Unix release, it appears my Unix
Compress app is broken.

Do Unix people generally have access to un-zip code?

I will re-make the distribution.

It would be really handy if anyone who has managed to get the sample that
came with FP TagLib to work correctly, to let me know (off-list).

regards Jeremy

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