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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: To contrib or not to contrib
Date Sun, 09 Jul 2000 10:12:44 GMT
At 01:55 +0200 09/07/00, Uli Mayring wrote:
>On Fri, 7 Jul 2000, Jeremy Quinn wrote:
>> The TagLib it seems, will have to be completely re-written for Cocoon 2,
>> and it does not appear that Cocoon 1 will have another release, apart from
>> continuing fixes to 1.7.5-dev.
>Donald Ball said something about 1.8, which will have a major new feature:

Yes, that was encouraging :)

>> I agree, it would seem strange to have only one item in there. Maybe it
>> would encourage more people to contribute solutions as well ;)
>I think everyone of us contributes everything he has, only that we don't
>have too much ;-)   The things I do with cocoon are specific to our
>company and wouldn't benefit anyone else. My newest thing, however, was a
>mailing list archive, which might have been generally useful. But it ran
>against the 64K limit for Java methods and has therefore stopped dead in
>its tracks.

Maybe the XFP TagLib could provide an alternative.

You would be able to pull out just the XML Nodes you want using XPath, in
one pass, without having to compile your data into XSP. Saving the massive
overhead of re-compiling your XSP every time your archive receives a new
message and overcoming the problem of too much data. But, since the syntax
of the TagLib is based around Forms, the XSP that provides your view of
your data will look a bit odd :)

>> I don't mind either way, I just want to get it out there !!
>Just do it and put it on your own page :)

I hope to have a version up before Thursday.
But ..... early adopters may need to change NameSpace and even TagNames,
if/when the TagLib is officially added to C1.

regards Jeremy

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